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Tea with Coach T. Tv Ep #14: How to Evaluate Your Personal Growth

Organize and Prioritize to Simplify Lives

How to Evaluate Your Personal Growth

Mindset, Management & Money Motivation

Todays Tea is how are you living on a scale of 1-10, be honest with yourself.

I LIVE FOR THIS...I am elated to share this mindset shifting episode with my TRIBE-MUNITY. Evaluate Your Personal Growth. Personal Growth is the measurement of one's, maturity, success and happiness in area of your life. You are a unique individual, which means you have your own transformation journey that only you can plan and take. There is no one size fits all with this life lesson.

Imagine there is a fork in the road and the right path is unclear—what do you do? For many people this predicament seems like a daunting and impossible task. Most people stay STUCK simply because they don't know exactly what they want out of life. Transitions in life are a sign of growth, if you maneuver through a strategy.

Each pathway towards personal development is a personalized journey. It is up to you to figure out which pathway is yours and where it leads. However there is, as set of questions that can help guide you towards your own path

The Personal Growth Assessment is various techniques for improving one’s habits, behavior, actions and reactions. A Successful personal growth plan requires motivation, the desire to improve, and the willingness to strive to make the changes.


Now is the time to tell your story! Redefining your WHY!

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with your thoughts and ideas. Well that is why I am here to assist you/

I will be accepting clients that would like for me to look over and help fine tune their personal growth quarterly plan.





How to Evaluate Your Personal Growth Episode #14

1. Identify your desired "OUTCOME"

Personal & Business Outcomes

Take a few days to evaluate your Personal and Business development and what your desired outcome for 2022.

A desired outcome is a statement that makes goals more concrete. To develop a useful set of desired outcomes (sometimes called objectives or outcome statements), you will need to describe what specific changes you hope to occur as a direct result of your precise plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Mind Shifting Exercise:

List all the things in your life you want to change or implement to live a more simplistic and prosperous life. Then measure the outcome of implementing those changes.

For example: if you want to implement "being more consistent in 2022" (Ask yourself) What areas of your life do you want to be consistent in? (answer may be) Staying on my daily schedule. The desired OUTCOME could be: "being more effective during the day".

2. Track your thought, feeling, and ideas

Pause to monitor your mental health daily.

It is helpful to keep track of your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. I call this process PURGING. Getting rid of the unproductive and stressful aspects of your life to create space for simplicity and prosperity. This process of tracking gives you the opportunity to evaluate in real time how much stress, emotions and overwhelming feeling you may be going through during the day. When you pause and identify your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, you will learn important information that could help you with create a master plan for all of our ideas.

How To Implement: JOURNAL!!! Keep a daily log of your thought, feeling, and ideas.


Since we’re talking about mindset and personal growth development that assist with laying a solid foundation to your lifestyle in 2022. I’m inviting you to join me on my upcoming free online training class where I’m going to shed light on How to STOP Procrastinating & START Monetizing Your Purpose.

This training will not only show you how to use the 7 Strategies to Stop Engaging in Procrastination to live the live you are destine to live, it will also enlighten you on how to begin Monetizing Your Purpose.

Make sure to get registered by clicking on the RED button on the picture ⬅

3. Have a real conversation with yourself

Keep it REAL with yourself

Take a real hard look at how you speak to yourself everyday. I don't think enough people actually do this enough. I don't think people take time to sit back and check themselves. Yes sometime you need to be mentally check! I think we've become a society where we're ready to check someone else, but we're not ready to check ourselves.

Having real conversations that keep you level-headed, keeps you focused, keeps

you moving forward in the right direction with the right people is exactly why you should frequently have self talk sessions.

Make sure you're using positive language when you are having a real conversation with yourself. This will also allow you to evaluate if your life is out of order. This will allow you to let yourself know I'm out of order and figure out how to fix it. You are worth taking time out to love and uplift you.

How To Implement: Write a letter to yourself, weekly or monthly.

Change is INEVITABLE, but


4. Make a plan and take action

This is a two step process

This is literally what I focus on with my life coaching firm. Planning is my passion driven purpose. What I love to do and why I'm here on this earth. In my many years of experience I often see with my clients, they have some phenomenal visions, but have absolutely no idea how to create an effective life plan.

The plan begins with the vision. Keep it simple. Start the planning with a basic idea or concept. Don't overthink it, just write it!

How To Implement: What is the vision. How will this vision impact the community or world. Create steps to executing the vision.

The Successful Living Life Planning Collection

is definitely life changing. The Collection is the perfect product to invest in if you are measuring your Personal Growth or looking to learn how to set and execute goals. This productivity organizer and planning system assist with creating life habits in time and financial management , organizational skills and goal setting. The goal of this system is to create a well balanced, productive and lucrative life.

5. Celebrate your progress

You did You deserve it!!!

One of my FAVORITE steps. There is no such thing as big and small wins. In my eyes they are all WINS. I want you to embrace this life strategy for every area of your life. Simple because you desire it! Celebrating your wins gives you an opportunity to see how freakin' amazing you really are. It gives you an opportunity while celebrating to reflect on the entire Personal Growth process.

Small Ways to Celebrate: Invite your TRIBE-MUNITY over/out for dinner to celebrate you! Take an extra long bubble bath with candles, wine and Netflix or a good book.

Your Sis in this Journey Called Life!





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