Tea with Coach T. Tv Ep #2: 9 Mindset Shifts That Lead to a Millionaire Dream Life!

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9 Mindset Shifts That Lead to a Millionaire Dream Life!

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Get ready to secure the bag in 2022. Live the lifestyle you are destine to live. It starts with a big dream or goal. TRIBE-MUNITY stop wondering how you’re going to get it and just go get it! The reason why you are not making 7 figures is simple. YOU ARE GETTING IN THE WAY! It’s your mindset that is keeping you trapped.

I am excited to share this mindset shift workbook with you. The 9 Mindset Shifts That Will Lead You to Your Millionaire Dream Life! Start 2022 thinking, acting and living like a 7 figure BOSS.

When you Shift your thinking, you shift the trajectory of your life!

You decide who you want to become. You decide how you get there. Create the vision you have for yourself and your dream life and go after it. Remove all the barriers in your way, especially those in your mind. Remember, in order to change your story, you must consistently tell yourself a new story. In order to change, you must be willing to change. In order to shift, you must have an open mind and desire to grow. GO GET YOUR LIFE!



9 Mindset Shifts That Lead to a Millionaire Dream Life!



9 Mindset Shifts That Leads You Live Your Dream Life
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1. Believe in Yourself

Shift from “I’m not enough” to “I am awesome”

So much of what holds people back is the belief they have about themselves. And one of the most common beliefs? Feeling you’re not enough, not worthy, not deserving. YOU ARE ENOUGH RIGHT NOW!!! You are uniquely you. That is your superpower.

Mind Shifting Exercise:

Silence your inner critic. Figure out what the underlying reasons are for not feeling like you are ‘enough?’ Ask yourself Is the inner critic your own voice, or that of a parent or authority figure? What story are you telling yourself that is not true? This might take some deep work including therapy, coaching or counseling, or journaling but you're worth it.

2. Empower Yourself

Shift from “I don’t have a choice” to “I always have choices”

How many times have you felt trapped or that you didn’t have a choice?

You may not have control over the circumstances, and life will likely bring many challenges and difficulties, you always have control over two very important things: your choices and attitude.

Mind Shifting Exercise:

When you find yourself in a situation where you feel you have no choice, identify your options. Ask yourself:

What choices do I have?

I can:

  • choose to complain or act.

  • choose to change or accept your circumstances.

  • choose to take one step forward or stay stuck.

  • choose to speak up or stay quiet.

  • choose to look forward or continue to look back.

  • choose love or stay in anger and fear.

When you feel like you have no control, identify what you are in control of.

Stress, frustration, fear and anger comes when things are or feel – out of our control. When you feel out of control, take a step back and identify what you can control. This exercise should lead to a shift in your energy or attitude.

3. Believe in What Is Possible

Shift from “It is impossible” to “It is possible”

If you don’t wholeheartedly believe you can achieve something, it just won’t happen. Therefore, if you want to live your dream life, you first must believe that whatever your dream is that it is possible to achieve it.

Mind Shifting Exercise:

Change your language.

  • There’s no way to There’s always a way.

  • It doesn’t work, to How can I make this work?

When you find yourself finding problems, switch to a solution mindset.

Visualize the outcome. Our minds believe what we show and tell it ot believe.; if you can visualize it happening, your mind will believe you. Imagine your dream life as if it’s already real. What do you see, hear or feel? Put yourself in that state of mind.

Have a little faith. Believe anyway even when logic fails.

4. Believe in the Good

Shift from “loo