A 6 Week Course educating you on how to live in your excellence and create the beautiful dream life you know you are destined to Live... 

Your DREAMS~ Your Goals~ My Purpose

I Dare You to DREAM:

Invest in you!

Do you have a DREAM? 

Are you living in it?

What are you waiting on


I have been blessed to live the life that I've dreamed and I want you to live your purposeful life too.


So today I challenge you to allow me to give you the tools you need to manifest your dreams. 


So I Dare you to DREAM! Take our online 6 week course and you are guaranteed to be on a successful journey to living your dream life

The  Benefits:


Developing a solid foundation to designing your DREAM Life


Learn T. EnStacia's way to organize your life to obtain that car, house, career or financial freedom you have been dreaming about. 

This 6 week course will  assist you with developing life long strategies to living in your purpose daily.  

The  Investment:

The #DREAMMaster's Course

Get ready for 6 weeks of high-level goal setting strategies and action steps to turn YOUR life into a beautiful masterpiece by building a life plan that will take you from living “stressed” into "success”.


Every Monday beginning April 20, 2020 ends May 25, 2020


Online work at your own pace! So relax get comfortable and be ready to elevate.  All you need is an internet connection and a computer.  

Who: You!!!!  Also invite your family, friends and business partner to join you on the journey to success.  

Cost:$200 Per person.  This fee include: Course and DREAMS Successful Living Planning Kit.  


Week 1


Week 2

plan it!

Week 3

execute it!

Week 4

Celebrate it!

Week 5

Our  5 Week Goals:

Developing a solid foundation to designing your DREAM Life


You are worth the investment. Your life depends on you developing habits to laying a solid foundation for your life. 

Learn how to leave your passed behind to leap into your future