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Who is  Coach T. EnStacia White

Life Coach, Educator, Author, Speaker &  Nonprofit Founder


It comes easy and naturally for Coach T to catapult everyday women to start living their DREAM life.

You haven't seen, met or laid eyes on anyone with such an electrifying high energy and passion that T. EnStacia White exudes.  


She is a master at what she does. Known as #TheDREAMLifeMaster, she has 22 years as an entrepreneur and 29 years as an educator.   Motivating and jolting women to to move out of their comfort zone and leap into their passion driven purpose by creating a life plan. 

Coach T. EnStacia is an Organization, Prioritization and Monetization Specialist. She specialize in assisting Generation X and Millennials that are transitioning in life with developing a life plan to organize, prioritize and simplify every area of life to create a  6 figure lifestyle.

As a "Transition & Purpose Driven" Coach she has comprised an iron clad format to assist  women with laying the foundation to a simplistic and prosperous personal and business life.

She has assisted thousands of women with creating balance in these 3 areas: Mindset, Management & Money, through her innovative educational online course and trainings.

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 Organizing and Prioritizing to Simplify Lives

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