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Laying a Solid Foundation to a Successful LIFE!

Let Coach T. EnStacia White assist you with laying a solid foundation to the life you have been dreaming. Create the plan to your vision.  STOP spinning around in circles "Like you are Wonder Women" being overwhelmed with all the amazing ideas and task you have for your life and START operating your life  effectively.


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Self Care

Self Help

Self Esteem

#TheDREAMLifeMaster Coach T. EnStacia White specialize in whole life transformation for women globally who are ready for create a  Personal, Business & Financial Life Plan. 

Life Coach

As a Transition & Purpose Driven Life Coach I assist my clients with mastering the art of BALANCE, by guiding them in the following areas:


* Personal Guidance

* Financial Guidance

* Business Guidance

* Relationships (business and/or personal)

* Organization & Productivity

* Mindset

Personal  Development



The Create Your Millionaire Dream Life Plan Package is exactly what you need to shift toward creating the life you envision.  The  Millionaire Dream Life Planning Collection is designed to assist with life habits, goal setting, time management and financial stability.   Let Coach T. assist you with: 

* Developing a Millionaire Mindset

* Creating Your Millionaire Dream Life Plan

* Monetizing Your Purpose


Professional Development


The Business Infrastructure Packages are a perfect fit for individuals starting a company or expanding their company and ready to ELEVATE to the next level. You will receive quality, professional and stand out marketing product from Coach T. EnStacia White and her professional staff at an affordable rate.  


3 Packages to a Successful Business Infrastructure

Laying a solid foundation for your business 



       ~ Organizing your Business Structure

       ~ Create a Business Model

       ~ Find your Niche'


       ~ Branding

       ~ Marketing Material Development

       ~ Social Media Kit



       - Create a Email Database

       - Website Management

       - Digital Design


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