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Can Rb1 Radio Play Cd Via Navigation Slot

The RB1 has some advantages and disadvantages with the RB4 (different manufacturer, different (12) satellite system; uses 2 CD's to navigate instead of 1 DVD). Essentially, both do the same job in about the same way. The RB1 has a color map, bigger usable screen; the RB4 has no. Will the radio or CD still play while using the Navigation functions? Yes, you can play the radio, or CDs from the CD changer while in the Navigation mode. The Navigation DVD-ROM must be in the RB1 disc slot for the Navigation system to function.

When can I get my free upgrade disc? The next update disc is scheduled to be released in June of 2003. Get the RB4 that lets you play cd's while navigating...The rb1 doesnt the RB4 doesn't have map capability. I figured that, since I have the 6-disk changer that came with the kicker, I would be able to navigate AND listen to CD's. yes. I'm surprised someone hasn't asked about HID turn signals or reverse lights yet... Save Reply Wheat_Burner

Can Rb1 Radio Play Cd Via Navigation Slot - Rowan Casino

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